Dr. Jeremy Barnett

Scholarship for Future Doctors

The Dr. Jeremy Barnett Scholarship for Future Doctors has the goal of giving scholarship funding to students who are in school on their way to studying medicine. Dr. Barnett knows what a difficult road medical students anticipate ahead of them, both with their studies and their finances, and now he wants to offer assistance however he can to the future generation of doctors.

Who is it for?

The Dr. Jeremy Barnett Scholarship for Future Doctors is hereby open for any students attending a university that are in the United States and who want to attend medical school and train to become doctors. This scholarship fund is available to any high school students planning to enroll in a university and become a medical student as well. Dr. Barnett is aware of the strain that students endure when anticipating how many years of schooling lie ahead of them along their path to becoming a doctor, and he has decided to award a deserving student with $1,000 for their tuition as a result.


Dr. Jeremy Barnett

dr jeremy barnett

Critical Care Doctor Based in New York

Dr. Jeremy Barnett first received his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He then finished his residencies at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center and the University of Medicine and Dentistry University Hospital. Dr. Barnett holds his certification in critical care given to him by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


Learn About The Scholarship

Dr. Barnett is aware from personal experience of the highly difficult road waiting ahead for many medical students. After years of success to reflect on, what he wants now is to give back to the next generation of doctors using this scholarship fund. Students who qualify are hereby encouraged to make the most of this chance to receive scholarship funding. To get started on the application process, just head to our application page and there you can view the details of applying and entering into our essay contest, which is how we pick the winner.

Earn Money For Tuition

Dr. Jeremy Barnett is highly knowledgeable on how the rising prices of education, especially for medical school, leads to a greater amount of pressure placed on students who are studying to become doctors. For this reason, Dr. Barnett wants to provide an opportunity to one dedicated student by giving out this $1,000 award. Using this scholarship fund, Jeremy’s goal is to raise awareness to the financial issues faced by young students undertaking the multiple years of medical school on their long road to a career in medicine, and to give a boost to one of our future medical leaders in the United States in the process.


Learn More About The Dr. Jeremy Barnett Scholarship

If you would like more information about the scholarship fund or if you have any questions to ask, please get in touch through the form found on our contact page and someone will be sure to reply back right away. Any universities or organizations who are looking to get involved with the scholarship, we welcome you to send a message as well and see how you can help out. The best of luck to each of our students in the contest and with your journey to becoming our future generation of doctors!


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